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Viewpoint From Veterinarian

Interviewee : Dr. HONG,ZONG-FU
Pet:one male dog
Length: 5m'40s
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Condom for canine

Spray-on Condom for Cat

Oral Contraceptive Pill for Pets

Could Pet Decide to be Neutered/Spayed or Not?

Viewpoint From Animal Right Participator
Interviewee : LUO,DAN / college student & member of Taipei Commission on Youth
Pet:one male cat
Length: 4m'48s
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Possiblities of Pet's Dating or Human-Animal Family Formation

Viewpoint From Pet’s Owner
Interviewee : KO,SHAN-YO / freelancer
Pet:two male cats and one female cat
Length: 8m'51s
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